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The love for beauty, for art and for all the nuances that nature can offer led me to always look for objects that could express feelings, arouse curiosity and admiration, and were able to follow refined trends and styles; in essence, the capability of being unique. Roberta Datteri

Each piece of our Home Décor Collection is custom designed. The decorative pottery, handmade by our master craftsmen, get married with porcelain details and precious materials such as gold and silver.

White & Gold Collection

Decorative pottery and porcelain, handmade in form of flowers and flowerbeds, meet precious paintings and golden leaves in a pure beauty tableau.

A Peacock and the Flowers

A hand-painted peacock standing by a lake can give a unique tone to the room of a villa. Precious porcelain flowers and leaves complete the tableau. All pieces are designed and made in Italy.

Unique Design

A single unique piece, combining a handmade painting with porcelain details, can mark out the personality of a room.







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