Current construction projects and their demand for finishing materials and interior fit-out solutions exist across all types and scales in Qatar. There are however a variety of “mega projects” which are now progressing through their design and construction phases, with interior materials, furnishing and fit-out suppliers and products yet to be sourced. Examples of some of the astonishing projects underway in the run up to 2022 include:


Project budget: US$45 billion

Overview: An all-new coastal city under construction north of Doha with an estimated population of 450,000, made up of 200,000 residents, 170,000 employees and over 80,000 visitors.

Features include:

  • Covers 35 square km
  • 19 distinctive commercial, retail,leisure, and entertainment districts
  • 25,000 residential units housing 200,000 people
  • Light rail network & underground metro link 
  • Blue-water lagoon with 2 marinas
  • 36 schools
  • State-of-the-art hospital
  • 22 hotels
  • 2 golf  courses


Project budget: US$4.5 billion

Overview: The world’s first fully sustainable downtown regeneration project, conserving yet modernising the historical downtown of Doha in a mixed-use development.

Features include:

  • Covers 31 hectares
  • Features premier office space, retail, leisure facilities, townhouses, upscale apartments, hotels, museums, civic services, cultural and entertainment venues
  • Cars and traditional services to be strategically placed underground in several basement levels, ensuring a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere
  • The project will also be served by a dedicated tramway


Project budget: US$8-10 billion

Overview: Construction and subsequent repurposing of sporting stadiums across the country in preparation for the 2022 football world cup.

Features include:

  • 9 new state-of-the-art stadiums
  • 7 city sites
  • 3 renovated stadiums
  • Zero-carbon emitting and climate controlled
  • Regeneration / development of local facilities
  • Total capacity of over 600,000 seats



Project budget: US$15.5 billion

Overview: An additional 400,000 square metre extension of the existing airport terminal.

Features include:

  • A major expansion of airport facilities to bring existing capacity from 30m to 53m passengers annually
  • New 1.3 kilometre concourse with a width of 60 metres  
  • 64 new check in counters
  • 18,000 sq m of retail and food and beverage space


Project budget: US$36 billion

Overview: Acomprehensive railnetwork in the Greater Doha area.

Features include:

  • Entirely new rail network
  • 95 distinct & individually themed stations
  • An approx. overall length of 300 km


Project budget: US$7.4 billion

Overview: One of the world’s largest ever greenfield port projects, spanning 26.5 square km.

Features include:

  • Expected to become one of the largest multipurpose ports in the GCC  
  • Features a cargo terminal with capacity for 1.7m tonnes of general goods, 1m tonnes of food grains and 500,000 vehicles
  • Designed to handle 6m containers annually  
  • Includes a new base for the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces and Qatar Economic Zone 3 (QEZ3), a self-contained development with industrial and residential facilities.


Project budget: US$3.2 billion

Overview: A three-part megaproject with a strategic focus on industrial-grade manufacturing, aviation and marine logistics and warehousing.

Features include:

  • The three sites cover 27 square km
  • Zone 1, Ras Bufontas is set to become an advanced technology and logistics hub, including service hubs, public spaces, land for labour accommodation, utilities access and versatile office and retail space 
  • Zone 2, Um Alhoul will be situated next to Hamad Port and facilitate access to the rest of the world via the sea
  • Zone 3, Al Karana will become the overland gateway to GCC markets, including business incubator spaces, conference centres, storage facilities, an area for labour accommodation and a logistics zone


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